Hello, I am Ruud Luijten. I am a 21 year old front- & back-end developer living in Weelde, Belgium. Outside of design & development, I am passionate about music, attending music festivals - live concerts, travelling the world, snowboarding & playing soccer.

World Cup Korfball 2015

A platform for the promotion and support of the World Cup Korfball 2015. The platform offers more information about the participating players and teams about the organisation (what, where, when, ...) of the tournament.


Luxis Group

Under the name 'Luxis Group' two people created in early 2012 a brand new company that is specialised in Wellness. In cooperation with several firms, products will be custom-made designed. For every budget there is an opportunity to relax.



The fox comes out of his burrow for the yearly musical pub crawl through Vosselaar, a small village in Belgium. A music event which takes place in 6 different pubs, where the local population will be amused until the early hours.


Luc Bax BVBA

KI-centrum Luc Bax is a breedingcompany since 1989. It is a family business that is situated in the northern Kempen, in particularly Weelde, Belgium.


Opendata Antwerp

A web application that people helps find popular places in Antwerp, Belgium. This app has information about more than 3000 shops, restaurants, pubs, ... and uses data form Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.


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